Holiday engagements are so special to me because our own took place on New Years Eve.

To tell you our story I should probably start at the beginning. When a single mom met a sweet guy. We ran in mutual circles of friends but had just never been together at the same time in the same place. Until one summer evening we found ourselves at the same table chatting at a party. 

I’d like to say the rest is history but I had to spell it out of Brian that I was interested. Brian has a production company (Panther City Productions) so I rented sounds from him for my birthday party a few weeks later. After planning and putting that party together, he knew. We began dating and sadly that made it weird to pay him for his sound and dj services. (But don’t worry, I actually handed him cash during our vows and promised to never skip paying a dj again. It brought the house down.)

I had warned Brian that we could date forever but I would never be getting married again. I thought that surely it just wasn’t for me. However, after less than a year of dating a mutual friend called us BOTH out and claimed that we were ‘done’ and that it was obvious we were meant to be together. That lead to a lot of conversations about how the situation was changing. 

Brian had the idea of throwing a massive New Years Eve party … a huge empty house, tickets were sold, 250 of our closet friends dressed to the nines, and 14 DJs (my idea because it would be 2014). It was amazing and so so fun. I had some idea of what was going on but party planning and all the running around to prepare for it kept my mind off of any wild thoughts I had. The party was a huge hit and so packed that I was busy helping the bar pour the champagne toasts as midnight came and went. That totally threw me off and I let all expectations or ideas go. Must not be tonight, I thought. 

But then (a ways after midnight) the music stopped. And Brian was speaking over the system. I am now thinking that something has happened and this is an announcement. But instead Brian was thanking everyone for coming and confessing his plan while call me up to the DJ booth!! His plan included all our friends, music we loved, a family ring and a very important question. I was blown away! Any hints or thoughts I had about what would happen or how it would happen, were all replaced by the perfect moment he asked me to be his wife. I cried so many happy tears (into a friends hanky that became my ‘something borrowed’ and stays in my camera bag for all other wedding days) and we watched the sun come up on the most perfect new year. 

Proposals are so amazing. It’s the moment two people’s hopes, dreams, and planning all come together for the beginning of all the best new moments. Everyone knows there is something magical about the holidays (from Halloween to Valentine’s Day at our house!) so asking that special question to your someone special in the middle of all that magic just makes my sappy heart extra happy!! 

Happy New Year loves. I wish you many magical moments in 2020!

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