Are We a Good Fit




Emotion:  What did you feel as you viewed our portfolio?  Good wedding photography is about more than focus, exposure, and clarity.  Wedding photography is about preserving moments that would otherwise be lost in time. Our goal is always to not only create beautiful photographs, but to focus on how each wedding feels.  Did you connect with our work and did our imagery make you feel anything?

Light:  Our photography style preference is to work with natural light whenever possible.  Natural light, especially Golden Hour Light, is second-to-none.  Natural light provides a true, soft, complimentary light that looks great on everyone and everything. It helps us to create the soft, romantic imagery we’re known for. Once the sun sets, we rely on our off camera flash, but if the sun is out, you can bet our flash will be packed away.  Do you love the soft golden glow of the natural sunlight?

Posing:  We use guided posing, which means that we will find the best light available, give you something to do together like walk hand-in-hand, cuddle, or sit close to each other and have a conversation.  When we see real emotion, we shoot.  We have our go-to poses to help you warm up in front of our camera because, let’s face it, unless you’re a professional model, having your photo taken can be awkward, but I promise you that I’ll be there with you every step of the way.  We promise that we will never ask you to jump in the air or hold props for the sake of a photo.  Instead, we rely on our experience to capture real emotion as it naturally occurs.  Would you prefer guided, natural poses in contrast to silly or stiff poses that feel forced?

Storytelling:  After viewing one of our wedding posts in our journal, would you be able to give a short description of what that couple’s wedding day was like?  What was the weather, the overall mood, and what elements of the day were most important to them?  Good wedding photographs tell the wedding day story.  If asked, could you write a paragraph describing any one of the weddings or engagements featured on our journal?

Artistry:  We love to incorporate movement into our photography work as we feel it’s an important element in storytelling, artistic interpretation, and it sets a certain tone in our work. We believe that emotion trumps clarity and less is more.  We strive to create work that is clean, elegant, timeless, emotive, and romantic.  Is it of value to you to have some of the images in your gallery be non-traditional and have a more editorial and artistic feel to them so they can be used as wall art to display in your home?

Black & White:   I love the timeless look of black and white film.  I shoot both color film and black and white on most wedding days, so my client galleries are sure to have some black and white images in it.  Would you agree that black and white film is classic and love the fine film grain found in authentic film images?

Honesty:  Honesty in the emotion, in the posing, and in the storytelling.  That’s what we aim for – always.  We use a blend of medium format film and professional grade digital cameras to create our imagery.  We do minimal digital enhancements to our work because we aim to get it right in camera versus having to spend countless hours fixing our errors in post production.  We want honest photos and honest work. When our couples look at their images I want them to fall in love with them, but more importantly, I want them to fall in love with each other all over again because they remember the moment in the image and how they felt.  Do you want honest imagery to remember your wedding day by so when you look at your photographs, the image acts as a catalyst for a great memory that begins with, “I remember this moment…”?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, take the next step and connect with us to see if your wedding date is available.